Animal Reiki

Like Animal Communication, Animal Reiki is holistic by nature and can effectively address any problem an animal may face  by bringing harmony & balance to your animal’s physical, mental, emotional, behavior or spiritual entire being. This may be of benefit to animals with behavioral problems that have an emotional basis or influence.

Animal Reiki naturally complements animal communication as it comes from the same source, using telepathy. Reiki can do no harm & won’t give more than your pet is open to receive. Animals intuitively recognize & understand the power of Reiki, knowing it has the ability to heal them. Animals are very energetically sensitive, they understand what Reiki is.  Plus, they love receiving a Reiki ​treatment whenever it is offered, they will simply take the energy they are comfortable with & open to.

Reiki complements all healing modalities, whether Western or Holistic, including any veterinary care your animal may be receiving.

In addition, unlike many other healing methods, a special connection between practitioner & animal occurs so the animals became the leaders in the healing process, rather than passive receivers of the healing.


Did you know that cats can heal you? Although their purr is thought of as an expression of pleasure, scientists believe there’s more to it than that. It seems they may purr as a means of communication and a potential source of self-healing. During both inhalation and exhalation they have a consistent pattern and frequency that’s between 25 – 150 Hertz. Studies have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing. Cats are empowered to remove negative energy from you and when they sleep they release it.


As you know there are many dogs working as therapy dogs and there’s good reason for this, they’re not just a loyal and loving companion, the dog and human connection goes back thousands of years when wolves lived alongside us. Dogs are one of the only species that generally don’t exhibit xenophobia – fear of strangers. They’re sensitive and empathetic, they respond to our emotions, in fact studies show that dogs eyebrows have evolved over time making their faces and emotions more readable to humans, when they look into your eyes they raise their inner eyebrow to make their eyes bigger – you know the look they give us , it’s “Puppy dog eyes.” We all know that dogs, well they just make us feel better.

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