House & Business Cleansing & Energy Clearing

Space Cleansing is a great way to keep your home or business vibrant, peaceful and full of positive energy. It can also remove negative energy due to many instances such as Spirit Activity, Earth Energy, Death, Divorce, Anger, Violence and more.. Just simply going about our daily life can sometimes fill a home or business with negative energies that can make us irritable and can even cause families & colleagues to argue. We can assist by freeing your space from these energies so that you can enjoy your home or work life as it should be. Removing negative energy from your surrounds is as important as clearing emotional, physical and mental blockages within yourself as is what we achieve with our Reiki Healing Sessions.

Spiritual Cleansing is very beneficial when moving to a new home or workplace, after extensive de-cluttering of possessions, when looking to make a fresh start and after changes in circumstances or relationships. Basically, when you are feeling sluggish, negative, stuck and in extremes depressed or after a series of negative events and you want to press the ‘restart’ button.

We constantly take on energy from others which is then transported into our space, the energies stick to everything, hence why we de-clutter shelves, cupboards, basements, garages etc on a regular basis. These stagnant energies have detrimental effects on our mental and physical state, overall wellbeing and success levels. 

What we do..

To Start:

When we arrive we will begin with an interview whereby we can chat about any thoughts and feelings you may have regarding the home or business, then an initial walk-through of the space to be cleansed, at this time you can advise us on any specific rooms or areas which you are concerned about or just doesn’t make you feel “quite right”, at this time we tune in to the energetic vibration and may connect to any spirit energy that may be present.


We shall commence by going through the space and drumming to dislodge any negative, stuck energy and blockages. The power of drumming has been known and practiced since ancient times. There is a primordial power to the rhythm of drumming and “it has the ability to clear and balance all the misaligned energies in any given space. It is the sound of a universal heartbeat that aligns everything with its heart power.”

Smudging & Applying Reiki Energy:

We will then go back through the home or business burning Palo Santo, this is wood from the tree Bursera graveolens, that grows in South America. For centuries, Palo Santo, which translated means “holy wood,” we then complete a smudging of the space, which is an energetic cleansing ritual of Native-American origin. This act clears away old energy. Conflict, anger or illness is absorbed by the Palo Santo smoke and cleansed from the energy field of you and your space, it can also help those close to you. It has similar properties to Sage and is capable of resetting energy that was tainted by negativity or conflict. It also is thought to neutralize issues before they even start, attracting sacredness and benevolence to a space. It cleanses, purifies and protects our body, mind and spirit as well as our environment and it is possible to feel a change in the air immediately. The smoke attaches to the negative energy in the air and dissipates, clears it and it transmutes from negative to positive. At the same time as we go about the process of smudging your home, we will also be applying Reiki Energy to bring in the positive energies. 

Lifting The Vibration with Sound:

Finally we will repeat our footsteps through the home or business one last time using the sound of tibetan bowls, tingsha & sacred bells to lift the overall vibrations & bring in light & love to your space.

You may consider Cleansing & Energy Clearing when:

  • Moving into a new home or business premises
  • Your health is failing
  • You feel uncomfortable in your home or place of business or like someone is watching you
  • You’d like to improve the chances of selling your home or business
  • You need to release trapped spirits, ghosts or other unwanted energies
  • Constructing a new home, cleansing the earth
  • You’ve experienced a divorce or separation
  • There is an unexplained illness
  • A death has occurred
  • You need to release grief or sadness
  • You’d like to bring in positive energy before a celebration
  • There may have been acts of violence or anger
  • Things seem to be confusing around your home or office


*Please Note: The above prices are based on the local Mandurah to Rockingham area, attending locations with a further distance will attract a travel surcharge. Please contact to discuss.

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